How much my skincare and makeup routine costs

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Hello, my dear online friends! I hope you’re enjoying this hectic but magical season when it’s not quite Christmas but holiday plans are all you can think about. Today I wanted to share my current skincare and makeup routine as well as how much it costs. I think this routine would be suitable for anyone who wants to look put together but doesn’t have half an hour or more to spend on their face every day. I’d say this routine takes me about five minutes every morning.

Cleansing routine

Morning and night, I will wash my face with a cleanser for sensitive skin. I read that it’s good to use cleansers for sensitive skin even if you don’t consider your skin to be particularly sensitive; it’s likely to contain less harsh chemicals which can cause your face to be “over-washed”.

I’ll dry my face by blotting it with a paper towel.

Skincare routine

They say skincare is more important than makeup, so I always try to do it first. I used to try the Korean 10-step beauty routine, but it was too much to keep up with. Now, I just use a serum and moisturizer. If my skin has any visible pimples, I’ll dab some benzoyle peroxide as a spot treatment before applying serum.

Makeup routine

My makeup routine differs depending on what I’m doing that day. If I’m planning to meet up with anyone, I’ll put on “real” makeup; otherwise I’m mostly just doing things to maintain my natural appearance.

Makeup for eyebrows

If I don’t have anything going on, I’ll give them a quick once-over with my Tweerzerman tweezers (I swear by this brand, by the way; too many a cheap tweezer has cut my hairs instead of plucking them!) before brushing them up with some clear brow gel. If the hairs are looking a little crazy after the brush-up, I might trim the scragglies with some brow scissors. I find doing this maintenance on my no-makeup days is enough to maintain an eyebrow shape to follow for my makeup days.

If I am planning to go out, I’ll take a small angled brush and apply some eyebrow pomade. My eyebrows are naturally pretty sparse, so I find giving them some artificial colouring and shaping makes a huge difference to my face.

Makeup for lashes

I have pretty dry eyes, so find it impractical to wear false eyelashes and mascara. Instead, I apply some eyelash serum in the morning and at night. It’s truly made my lashes double in length!

Makeup for cheeks

I’ve tried all sorts of blush before, but found nothing quite beats a plain old red lipstick smeared on the apples of the cheeks.

Makeup for lips

On no-makeup days, I’ll apply lip balm only. If I’m wearing makeup, I’ll put on some red lip gloss. Since the rest of my makeup is relatively toned down, the dab of red really makes the look. I’m a warm skin tone, so I always look for warm-toned red lip glosses.

Skincare and makeup routine costs

And that’s it on how much my skincare and makeup routine costs. I’ve gone through a lot of makeup and skincare products over the years, and feel like I’ve finally hit upon the combination that works for me. It’s minimalist enough that I don’t feel like I’m doing work before work, but every product is making a difference to my overall appearance – I’m maximizing my effect per minute. I hope this has been helpful for those of you navigating your own beauty routines. Talk to you next time!



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